Dec. 20, 1840

Ordinance, issued by the Department of the Interior of the Grand Duchy of Posen [Present-day Germany]: “The issuance of passports to unnaturalized Jews is still lacking the necessary diligence, and complaints persist that such Jews use their passports to maintain a roving, panhandling way of life. We already detailed the administrative process for such passports in previous ordinances, but furthermore order herewith, that any passports for travel to annual markets may only be issued for those cities in which there actually is an annual market during the validity period of the passport, that the dates of these markets are clearly given in the passport, and that the stamping of the passport must take place in every place where the bearer stays for more than 24 hours, a reminder of which is to be given to the bearer in writing, by way of an appendix to his passport. Naturalized Jews are still required to have a passport for travel within Prussia, if it takes place outside of Posen; should such Jews desire to travel to markets as merchants, they will be subject to the same laws and ordinances as unnaturalized Jews.”
Kletke, M.G. (ed.). Organisation des Judenwesens im Großherzogthum Posen (Organization of Jewish Affairs in the Grand Duchy of Posen). Heymann: Berlin, 1843. Page 318. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 4/15/2020