Nov. 10, 1842

Court-Decree, issued by Emperor Ferdinand I of Austria, for the crown land of Bohemia [Present-day Czech Republic]: “Israelites may be granted special permission for the purchase and ownership of real property necessary for the operation of a factory, but only under the following conditions: 1. The factory owners shall properly document and submit the number and area of the real property to be purchased; 2. The crown land authorities must determine, with the greatest diligence, the appropriate relationship between that information and what is necessary for the operation of the factory; 3. The real property may be used only for the operation of the factory; 4. The ownership of the same is limited to the duration of factory operations; 5. The owners shall be irrevocably obligated to sell the real property back to a Christian, as soon as their factory shall go bankrupt or be dissolved otherwise; 6. They must pay the same taxes and levies as other local business owners, but shall not acquire any right of citizenship by way of their temporary ownership [of the real property]; 7. All of these requirements, the fulfillment of which is to be closely observed by the authorities, shall be incorporated into the books of the recorder’s office at all times.”
Ebersberg, J.S. (ed.). Österreichischer Zuschauer. Jahrgang 1853. Zweiter Band (Austrian Spectator. 1853, Vol. 2). Ueberreuter: Vienna, 1853. Page 1467. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 2/13/2020