Oct. 10, 1852

Order issued by the Senate of Russian Empire [Russia]: “Order of the governing Senat following the Highest Order of August 19, 1852 as the decision of the raised problem – how should be punished the Jewish women who contrary to the prohibition of March 1851 let their heads to be shaved. The content of the order is the following: As it principally depends on Rabbis to prevent the shaving of heads by Jewish women after their marriage, the Rabbis should be obliged by undersigning of the obligation absolutely not to allow Jewish women to shave heads after marriage, and those Rabbis who do not perform this duty should be taken to court according to the Penal Code, clause 1338, item 9. Upon the Jewish women, who violated the prohibition, a fine of 5 Roubles in silver should be imposed. Concerning: The regulations of the punishment of Jewish women for shaving heads. Issued by the 1 department on October 10, 1852…”
“Shaved heads of married Jewish women.” Bruno Martuzans. 2002, Accessed online article 1/10/2012