Mar. 15, 1933

Circular note regarding Eastern Jewish Immigrants issued by Reich Minister of Interior [Germany]: “For a first initiation of a deliberate national policy it is necessary: 1. To fend off Eastern Jewish immigrants. 2. To remove those foreigners if they’re currently residing illegally in Germany. 3. To refrain from naturalizing Eastern Jewish foreigners until further notice. Regarding 1.  I have asked the Reich Foreign Minister to instruct the German embassies abroad to reject visa applications of those foreigners categorically […]. Regarding 2. I ask sincerely to expel foreigners of Eastern Jewish nationality, who reside illegally in Germany within the framework of existing laws and treaties. Regarding 3. Please refrain from naturalizing Eastern Jews until further notice. […] 15 March 1933 – The Reich Minister of Interior Frick”
Die Verfolgung und Ermordung der europäischen Juden durch das nationalsozialistische Deutschland 1933-1945, Bd. I. Deutsches Reich 1933-1937, ed. by W. Gruner, Munich 2008, page 80, Online book; Accessed online; Translated by Franziska Wagener 10/29/2015