ca. 1934

[Possible/Probable] “Law for the Use of Romanian Personnel in Enterprises” [Romania] 

Commentary from other sources:
1) “The “Law for the Use of Romanian Personnel in Enterprises” (1934) called for at least 80 percent of the personnel in all economic, industrial, commercial, and civil enterprises to be Romanian and for at least half of the administrative board to be Romanian. It also required special approval of a committee appointed by the ministries of war, labor and industry for all hiring by industries involved in national security and defense affairs.26 While not explicitly aimed at the Jews, the law had a much greater impact on them than other minorities, who frequently lived in compact ethnic areas where implementation of the law was impracticable. For the first time Jews were confronted with the possibility of a government-managed process that would deprive them of their jobs and professions. Some Jews who worked for the railroad system and the postal and telegraphic service were demoted or simply fired. Despite international protests, the law remained on the books.”