Jun. 26, 1936

“Law concerning Alteration of the Defense Law” issued by Adolf Hitler [Germany]: “The government of the [German] Reich has ordered the following: (1) – Article 15 of the defense law from 21 May 1935 (RGBl I p. 609) provides the following version: “Article 15 (1) – A Jew is not allowed to perform military service. (2)- Half-Jews may not become officers in the armed forces. (3) – The service of Jews during war remains subject to special regulations.”(…) Berlin, 26 June 1936 – The Fuehrer and Reich Chancellor Adolf Hitler; The Reich Minister of Defense von Blomberg; The Reich Minister of the Interior Frick.”
1936 Reichsgesetzblatt part I, page 518, Translated by Franziska Wagener, Accessed on 9/13/2015