Mar. 18, 1938

Nazi Weapons Law of 1938 issued by Adolf Hitler [Germany]: “Weapons Law18 March 1938 The German Government has adopted the following law, which is herewith announced: Section I. General Points. § 1 (1) Firearms, as defined in this law, are weapons from which a solid object may be driven through a barrel, by gas or air pressure. …§ 3 (1) Whoever desires professionally to manufacture, modify, or repair firearms or ammunition requires a license. …(5) The license must not be issued if the applicant – or if one of the persons proposed for the commercial or technical management of the business – is a Jew.”
“Gun Control: Gateway to Tyranny – Proof that U.S. Gun Law has Nazi Roots,” Aaron Zelman, contributions by Attorney Richard Stevens, published by Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership. Pages 62-83; Accessed online 11/20/2013