Aug. 17, 1938

“The second decree for the execution of the law regarding the changes of the surnames and forenames…” issued by Reich Minister of the Interior Representative Dr. Stuckart [Germany]: “…Art. 1 1. Jews may be given only such given-names as are cited in the directives issued by the Ministry of Interior concerning the utilization of given-names. 2. Para. (1) is not applicable to Jews who are foreign citizens. Art. 2 1. In so far as the Jews are still using some other given-names different from those which are at their disposal according to Art. 1,-they are obliged to assume by the 1st January 1938, a second, additional given-name as follows; for males, the given-names Israel and for females the given-name Sara…Art. 3 As far as is customary in juridicial and business procedure to indicate the given-names, the Jews are obliged always to indicate at least one of their given-names. …Berlin, 17th, August 1938. Reichs Minister of the Interior: Representative, Dr. Stuckart. Reichs Minister of Justice: Dr. Guertner.”
“Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression Volume IV Document No. 1674-PS.”, No author, Accessed online 7/14/2011