Jun. 16, 1939

Circular note regarding Jews in health spas and sanatoriums issued by the Reich Ministry of Interior [Germany]: “Article 1- Jewish spa guests are only permitted in spas and climatic health resorts, if: […] b. the possibility exists to accommodate them separately from other spa guests in particular Jewish sanatoriums, hotels, guesthouses and the like. This includes the requirement that in these institutions German female staff under 45 years will not be harassed. […] Jews are excluded from public areas, which serve no direct therapeutic purposes for example, fenced spa gardens, sports fields, concerts, beaches etc.[…] Article 2 – In all other spas and sanatoriums Jews are excluded from health care facilities.”
Ministerialblatt für die Badische Innere Verwaltung, no. 27 (6/30/1939), column 682-686, Accessed online; Translated by Franziska Wagener 2/19/2016