Jul. 13, 1939

Law – 13 July 1939-XVII, no. 1024 Additional regulations of the Royal Decree-Law of 17 November 1938-XVII, no. 1728 on the defense of the Italian race [Italy]: “ … Art. 1 Subject to the provisions of Articles 8 and 26 of the Royal Decree-Law 17 November 1938-XVII, no. 1728; converted into the Law of 5 January, 1939, n. 274, is on the faculty of the Minister for the interior of the state, with the assent of the Commission under Article. 2, do not belong to the Jewish race also in contravention of the results of the acts of civil status. … Victor Emmanuel Mussolini – Solmi” [Editor’s note: Google translated from Italian on 8/2015.]
The Anti-Jewish Laws of Fascist Italy, CDEC, Foundation Center of Contemporary Jewish Documentation, Accessed online 8/26/2015 ADD PAGE # AND RESEARCHER/DATE