Sept. 21, 1939

Order issued by Reinhard Heydrich [Germany]: “Telegram to all Chiefs of Security Police Squads  I Danzig, West Prussia, Poznan and Eastern Upper Silesia are to be cleared of Jews. In the other occupied zones, as few concentration centers as possible are to be set up. Jewish communities of less than 500 persons are to be dissolved and transferred to the nearest concentration center. II Councils of Jewish Elders – In each Jewish community a Council of Jewish Elders is to be set up, composed of authoritative personalities and rabbis. Jewish Councils are to carry out an approximate census of the Jews of their areas. The reason to be given for the concentration of the Jews in the cities is that the Jews have taken a decisive part in sniper attacks and plundering. The concentration of the Jews in the cities will probably call for regulations in these cities which will forbid their entry to certain quarters completely and that − but with due regard to economic requirements − they may not leave the ghetto, nor leave their homes after a certain hour. III For the preservation of German economic interests, Jewish-owned war and other essential industries must be maintained for the time being. signed Heydrich PS-3363.”
Records of the United States Nuernberg War Crimes Trials. Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Service. (records group 238, microfilms M887-M898, M936, M942, M946, T301, T1119, T1139, IMT and NMT) Translation by International Military Tribunal, Nuremberg, Germany. Accessed and Researched by Dominik Jacobs 10/13/2015