Oct. 8, 1939

Decree of the Fuhrer and the Reich Chancellor concerning the Organization and Administration of the Eastern Territories [Germany / Occupied Poland]: “Section 1. (I) In the process of reorganization of the Eastern Territories the Reich Districts (Gaue) of Western Prussia and Posen shall be incorporated as parts of the German Reich … Section 8. The Reich Minister of the Interior may, by means of general orders, and in agreement with the Reich minister concerned, introduce Reich law and Prussian law. Section 12. (1) The Reich Minister of the Interior shall be the official chiefly responsible for the reorganization of the Eastern Territories. (2) He shall issue the general rules and regulations required for the enforcement and execution of this decree. Section 13. (1)This decree shall take effect as of November 1, 1939. (2) The Reich Minister of the Interior may, for specified areas, declare the provisions of this decree to be in effect at  an earlier date. Berlin, October 8, 1939. Adolf Hitler, Fuhrer and Reich Chancellor Goring, General Field, Marshal, President of the Council of Ministers for the Defense of the Reich Frick, Reich Minister of the Interior R. Hess, Representative of the Fuhrer Dr. Lammers, Reich Minister and Chief of the Reich Chancellery.”
Lemkin, Raphael: “Axis Rule in Occupied Europe: Laws of Occupation, Analysis of Government, Proposals for Redress.” pp. 502-503 ADD RESEARCHER/DATE