Dec. 11, 1939

First Executive Order on the Regulation of 26 October 1939 on the Introduction of Labor Service for the Jewish Population in the General Government issued by the Lieutenant General of the SS [Germany / Occupied Poland]: “Article1 – From January 1, 1940 on all Jews residing in the Occupied Territories are prohibited from moving or changing their accommodation without written permission […] or from traveling around. Article 4 – All Jews in the General Government are prohibited from entering roads, streets and squares in the period of 21pm-5am without written permission by the German authority in charge […] December 11, 1939 Krakow – The Higher SS. – and Police Lieutenant in the General Government, Krueger.”
Yad Vashem Archives, the Weichert Collection, file no. 1, page 38. Accessed online; Translated by Franziska Wagener 1/24/2016