Apr. 6, 1940

“Policies Concerning the Treatment of Jews in the Government-General” issued by the Head of the Department of Jewish Affairs [Germany / Occupied Poland]: “1. A spatial separation between Poles and Jews is required. […] whether a person is a Jew or a non-Jew depends on his racial origins and blood and his acceptance of Judaism (through marriage of a non-Jew with a Jew), not simply membership in a religious community. […] 3. As a matter of principle, Jews are to work for Jews; for instance, only Jews are to be used for the building of accommodations for Jews. 4. The Jews are to establish their own social insurance system and are not to pay contributions to non-Jewish insurance schemes, nor make claims on non-Jewish facilities. 5. The property and funds of such Jewish organizations will be under the protection of the German Administration. The same applies to Jewish welfare establishments. […] 7. All measures must be directed with the aim that later the whole of Jewry will be concentrated in a specific district and in one area of Jewish settlement, as a self-supporting society under the control of the Reich […] 9. Creation of archives on Polish Jews and Jews in general (newspaper reports, regulations, laws, culture, races, health care, etc.) is required. […].”
Global Jewish Advocacy: Anti-Semitism: An Assault on Human Rights; Accessed online; Researched by Ziba Shadjaani 11/3/2016