Aug. 9, 1940

Law signed by King Caroll II regarding the status of Jews in Romania. [Romania]: “All the civil and political rights of the Jews are abolished (…) Jews cannot possess land, be military career and enter the service of the State (…) Jews cannot be civil servants (…) are excluded boards of directors (…) and are forbidden to trade in rural communities.” [Researcher’s note: This law is heavily inspired by the racial laws of Nuremberg]
La disparition des Juifs de Roumanie. Matei Cazacu. Matériaux pour l’histoire de notre temps  Année 2003  71  pp. 49-61 (The disappearance of the Jews of Romania. Matei Cazacu. Materials for the history of our time Year 2003 71 pp. 49-61); Researched and Translated by Cristina Penland 5/27/2019