Oct. 7, 1940

Decree signed by Philippe Pétain [Occupied Vichy, France/Algeria]: “We Marshal of France, French Head of State, the Council of Ministers heard, decree: Article 1: – The decree of the Government of the National Defense of 24 October 1870 is repealed in that it regulates the political rights of the native Jews of the departments of Algeria and declares them French citizens.” (…) [Researcher’s note: This decree abolished the previous law of October 24, 1870, titled the Crémieux Decree, which previously granted French citizenship to Jews in Algeria.]
“Memoire et Traditions des Juifs en Algerie” (“Memory and Traditions of Jews in Algeria.”) Annex N ° 10: Departmental Center of Information of Oran. Intelligence bulletin. Oran October 9, 1940. Researched and Translated by Cristina Penland 5/30/2019