Jul. 12, 1941

Nr. 164 Regulation on the Decree-Law regarding the military status of Jews [Romania]: “Regulation on the Decree-Law Regarding the Military Status of Jews Chapter 1 Definition of Jews Article 2. –The following categories are considered Jews under this law: a) People of Judaic faith; b) People born from parents of Judaic faith; c) Christians born from unbaptized parents of Judaic faith, …d) Christians born from a Christian mother and a father of Judaic faith, …e) Natural children of a mother of Judaic faith, …f) Those who left the Judaic religion by declaring themselves atheists. People who were members of the Jewish religious communities on August 9, 1940 are also considered Jews. …Article 7. – Switching to Christianity, …can no longer lead to a change in the Jewish status …Chapter II Census of Jews Article 9. – When drawing up the census tables …Jews will be included in separate tables. …Chapter III Jews’ duties Article 14. – In exchange for the pre-military and military service, Jews must pay all military fees set by law and perform tasks of general interest, according to the State’s needs, …Article 15. – The payment of military taxes is mandatory for Jews, …Chapter IV …Article 18. – Jews between the ages of 18 and 50 can be used both individually or in groups or units, either for the needs of the army or for the needs of other State, county or communal public institutions, …They will wear on their left arm a 10 cm-wide yellow armband, with the name of the respective recruitment office. …Chapter V …Article 31. – Keeping records of Jews between the ages of 18 and 50 is the responsibility of the respective recruitment offices, …Leader of the Romanian State and President of the Council of Ministers, General Ion Antonescu – Minister of National Defense, Army Corps Lieutenant General Iosif Iacobini …No. 2.030.”
“Monitorul Oficial,” Kingdom Of Romania Official Gazette, July 14, 1941 Courtesy Special Collections Department, The National Library of Romania, 6/23/2014