ca. 1941

Order issued by Colonel Vasile Nica [Transnistria] [Unconfirmed]

Commentary from other sources:
1) “On September 3, 1941, Colonel Vasile Nica, the  prefect of Balta county, ordered all the Jews?or ‘kikes’ (jidani) as he termed them in the ordinance in the town to move into the ghetto (in an area restricted to four streets) within three days. He appointed the Jewish elder Pribluda Shloimu Abramovici as head of the ghetto, allowing him to select colleagues to assist in administration. An independent bakery, pharmacy, and hospital  staffed solely by Jews were to be established; flour for the bakery was to be provided by the town of Balta as an advance against payment for its products. A market was to be set up where the inhabitants could buy and sell produce between 9:00 a.m. and noon. The head of the ghetto was also authorized to organize a Jewish police force to protect the lives and belongings of the residents.”
“Ghettos 1939-1945 New Research and Perspectives on Definition, Daily Life, and Survival.”

2) “On September 3, 1941 Colonel Vasile Nica, within three days, ordered all district Jews into a ghetto across four street blocks. He appointed one Jew as a ‘primar’ who was authorized set up a Jewish police force, prohibiting any one to leave the ghetto and sentenced everyone 14-60 years old, men and women, to hard labor. In addition, every Jew had to wear a yellow star and a registration number. Balta had local Jews as well as Jews deported from Bessarabia, Bukovina, and Dorohoi.”
“Balta Ghetto Listings: Introduction By Oleg Sirbu and Nolan Altman.”, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum