Sept. 19, 1941

“Jewish Dress Code” [Germany / Occupied Austria / Czechoslovakia / Danzig; Present-day Austria, Czech Republic, Poland]: “Jews who are older than 6 years old are not to be seen in public without a ‘Judenstern’ [Jewish star). A Jewish star has to be as large as a plate, yellow with black lines and the word ‘Jude’ on it. It has to be visible and to be sown tightly to the left chest of an attire. It is against the law for Jews to leave their community without the written permission of the local Police authorities. Jews are forbidden from wearing medals, decorations or any other insignia. Exempt are spouses of Jews living in mixed marriages, or if their only son has died in the current war. Those who violate this prohibition intentionally or negligently are to be punished by a fine of 150 Reichsmark or with imprisonment of up to six weeks.”
Polizeiverordnung über die Kennzeichnung der Juden vom 1. September (in Kraft getreten am 19.1.1941) (Police Regulation in the Marking of Jews from 9/1/1941 (effective on 1/19/1941), Accessed on 11/12/2015, Researched by Ziba Shadjaani 11/13/2015