ca. 1941

[Possible/Probable] Decree by the Reich Commissioner for the occupied territories of the Netherlands, Artur Seyss-Inquart – 3328-PS [Germany / Occupied Netherlands]
Commentary from other sources:
1) “Following his assumption of office in the Netherlands on 29 May 1940, Seyss-Inquart, pursuant to the authority vested in him as Reich Commissar of the Netherlands by the Fuehrer decree of 18 May 1940, systematically promulgated decrees designed to implement the Nazi program of persecution and elimination of Jews…Other anti-Semitic decrees of a like nature, all of which were signed by Seyss-Inquart and published in the Verordnungsblatt fuer die besetzen niederlandischen Gebiete (VOBL) [Official Gazette for the occupied Dutch territories], may be summarized as follows: 3328-PS, Verordnungsblatt, No. 44, p. 841, 23 October 1941. No Jew can exercise any profession and trade without authorization from the administrative authorities which may refuse it or set up special conditions for its exercise. Administrative authorities may order the determination or the liquidation of any employment contract concerning a Jew. Any employer may terminate a contract with a Jew by giving notice on the first day of any calendar month if the general legal provisions of the contract provide for a longer term of notice, or if the contract is to expire normally at a date after 31 January 1942. An indemnity ranging from one to six times the monthly salary of the dismissed Jew may be, under certain circumstances, allocated as a settlement of all claims against the employer.”
“Artur Seyss-Inquart.”