ca. 1942

[Possible/Probable] Act VIII. of 1942 about the Regulation of the Legal Status of the Jewish Community [Hungary] [Provisional]: “Section 1. Act XLII. of 1895 about the Jewish religion shall be declared null and void. The Jewish religious community shall be declared to be a lawfully recognized religious community – Section 2. Schools, or other institutions maintained and operated by the Jewish religious community, or by any organization, or any members of the Jewish religious community shall not receive any funding, support, or aid from central government, or municipal budgets … The Minister for Religious Affairs and Public Education shall be authorized to act in conjunction with the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Justice with a view to imposing a mandatory requirement on a nationwide basis on Jewish religious communities to pay a budgetary contribution for the purposes of Jewish religious communities as well as to draw up a decree comprising rules and regulations for the enforcement and collection of such budgetary contribution as well as the tax on Jewish religious communities. … Section 5. Conversion from any established and recognized religion to the Jewish faith, or the adoption of the Jewish religion by any person who is not a member of any established and recognized religion shall be banned as of the entry of this Act into force. …”
Received and Translated by Sandor Mesterhazy,, 4/20/2015