Mar. 13, 1942

Decree to Identify Jewish Homes issued by the General of the Reich Security Police [Germany]: “Since Jews use every opportunity to camouflage, it proves necessary to identify the homes of Jews. Accordingly, every Jewish household […] has to mark their home. The same is true for administrative service-, children-, age- and sick-homes. […] The marking of the houses and the like has to be made with a Jewish star made of paper, […] which is kept in white color. 13 March 1942 – The General of the Reich Security Police, Heydrich.”
Sauer, Paul: Dokumente über die Verfolgung der Jüdischen Bürger in Baden-Württemberg durch das Nationalsotialistische Regime 1933-1945, Volume II, page 221, Translated by Franziska Wagener 2/25/2016