Apr. 29, 1942

“Order to wear the Jewish Star” issued by the General-Commissioner for Security Raufer [Germany / Occupied Netherlands]: “In accordance with Paragraph 45 of Order 138/41 of the Reich Commissioner for the Occupied Dutch Territories concerning public security, I order the following: Par 1: 1) A Jew who appears in public is obliged to wear a Jewish star. 2) For the implementation of this order a Jew is everyone who was defined as a Jew according to order no. 189/40 concerning the registration of enterprises. Children under the age of six are not included in this order. 3) The Jewish star is a star with six corners, painted in black on yellow cloth the size of the palm of the hand, inscribed with the word ‘Jew.’ It has to be sewn firmly and visibly at the left side of the clothing at the height of the chest. 4) It is prohibited for Jews to wear official decorations, honorary decoration or other kinds of decorations. […] This police order will be effective from the third day after its publication. The Hague, April 28, 1942 The General-Commissioner for Security and the Higher Commander of the SS and Police Signed: Raufer.”
“Order to wear the Jewish Star, The Netherlands 29 April 1942.” Dan Michman, Yadvashem.org; Accessed online 7/11/2012