May 2, 1942

Order from Reich Government to Slovakia [Slovakia]: “Sent from Berlin on May 2 [1942] at 0.15 hours Received in Pressburg on May 2 at 0.20 hours. No. 640—pursuant to instruction in cable of April 11, this year no. 533, I wish to advise the government of Slovakia as follows: The Reich Government undertakes permanently to retain Jews received amidst the cleansing of Jews in Slovakia in the eastern territories, and to give them no opportunity to re-immigrate to Slovakia. Germany has no claims concerning the property of such Jews as hold Slovakian citizenship and are in Slovakia, save the demand of payment of 500 Reichsmarks for each Jew received. The Reich Government is prepared to receive from Slovakia in May of this year 20,000 able-bodied Jews and to remove them to the east. Details will be arranged as they have been arranged thus far Luther…[Between 1940 – 1943, Marthin Luther was the head of the ‘Deutschland’ section in the German Foreign Office that took care of, amongst other things,the [sic] RSHA, Gestapo and the ‘Jewish Problems’ affairs.”
“Purging Slovakia of Jews,” Yad Vashem, Accessed online excerpt at 10/1/2012 ADD PAGE # AND RESEARCHER