May 15, 1942

Law 68 – Constitutional Law of 15 May 1942 On the expulsion of Jews (“Deportation Bill” issued by Slovakian Republic) [Slovakia]: The parliament of the Slovak Republic has decreed by this constitutional law that: §1 Jews can be expelled from the territory of the Slovak Republic. …§3 [1] Jews who are expelled or Jews who have left or leave the territory of the state lose their state citizenship in the Slovak Republic. …[2] The property of persons included in § 1 will become the possession of the state. The state will compensate creditors only up to the value of the property taken. …§5 [1] The government will issue the necessary regulations by decree for carrying out the provisions of §§ 1 and 3 for the disposal of the personal and property relations of the Jews expelled, as well as those Jews who left the territory of the Slovak Republic, …§6 Regulations on the legal position of Jews, as far as they limit the personal and property relationships of a non-Jewish husband (or wife), lose effect on the day this law is announced. §7 This constitutional law becomes valid and takes effect on the day of its announcement; all members of the government will carry it out. Dr. Tiso signed, Dr. Sokol signed, Dr. Tuka signed, Mach signed, Sivák signed, Dr. [P.] signed, Dr. Medrický signed and for Minister Stana Dr. Fritz signed, Catloš signed”
Extract from Slovak Legal Code, Part 22, 1942, issued 23 May 1942, Department of digital services, Slovak National Library, Translated by William L. McKone 10/15/2014