May 29, 1942

“Eight Order of May 29, 1942” issued by German occupation administration [Germany]:  “(1) The Jews must report to the police station to receive badges in the shape of star. Every Jew will receive three badges and will have to give in Exchange a point of textile card. (2) It is prohibited the Jews from the age of six years of age to appear in public without wearing Jewish star. (3) The Jewish star is a star with six points having the dimensions of the Palm of a hand and black outlines. It is yellow fabric is in black characters registration ‘JEW’. It must be worn visibly while on the left side of the chest solidly sewn to the garment.” [Editor’s note: Original webpage is in French, Google translation was used on 7/26/2012 to change text to English.]
“Quelques exemples d’ordonnances, décrets, lois et mesures anti-juives de l’administration allemande d’occupation [Some examples of orders, decrees, laws and anti-Jewish measures of the German administration occupation].” No author, Accessed online 7/26/2011 ADD PAGE # AND RESEARCHER