Jun. 30, 1942

“Concerning the Appearance of Jews in Public” issued by the Commissary General for Public Security [Netherlands]: “Paragraph 1 Jews must be in their homes between the hours of 20:00 to 06:00. Paragraph 2 Jews may not be present in homes, parks, and other private institutions that are used for recreation or entertainment of non-Jews, unless this is essential on the basis of an existing lease or labor contract. Jews married to non-Jews are not included in this regulation.  Paragraph 3 1. Jews may enter shops that are not marked as Jewish businesses only between the hours of 15:00-17:00… 2. Jews may not order home delivery. Paragraph 4 Jews may neither enter nor use the services of barbershops or paramedical institutions unless they are marked as Jewish… Paragraph 5 1. Jews may neither enter railroad stations nor use any means of public and private transport…2. Jews who in these cases are allowed to use means of public transport must be seated in the last department (smoker’s class). They may enter and seat themselves only when there is sufficient seating space for non-Jewish passengers. Paragraph 6 Jews may not use public telephones. Paragraph 7 A Jew for the purpose of this regulation is any person who is a Jew or is considered a Jew under Paragraph 4 of Regulation 189/1940 concerning the registration of Jewish enterprises… Paragraph 9 Persons who violate or circumvent the regulations in Paragraphs 1-6 shall be punished with imprisonment of six months at the most a fine of 1,000 guilder at the most, or with one of these two penalties-unless a more severe penalty is stipulated under other provisions. Any person who encourages, abets, or aids circumvention of these regulations will face the same punishment…The Hague, June 30, 1942 Commissar-General for Public Safety, Rauter.”
“Restrictions on the Movements of Dutch Jews, June 30, 1942.” No author, Accessed online article at yadvashem.org 7/29/2011