Sept. 19, 1942

Decree-Law No. 698 for the Institution of the Death Penalty for Jews Who Were Sent to Transnistria and Who Have Returned Fraudulently to this Country [Germany / Occupied Romania]: “Antonescu, Marshal of Rumania and Leader of the State. After having seen the report of the ministers of National Defense and Justice, No. 2400 of September 19, 1942, Pursuant to Decree-Law No. 3052 of September 5, and No. 3072 of September 7, 1940, We have decreed and we decree: Article I. Jews of both sexes, above fifteen years of age, deported to Transnistria shall be punished by death if they return fraudulently to this country. Article 2. Whoever facilitates the fraudulent return of Jews into this country shall be punished by a term of forced labor of from five to twenty five years. The same penalty shall be applied to accomplices and accessories before and after the fact. Article 3. The trial of offenses provided for by the present decree-law lies within the jurisdiction of military courts. Article 4. All other regulations contrary to this decree-law are abrogated. Given in Bucharest, September 19, 1941. Antonescu, Marshal of Rumania and Leader of State Constantin Pantazi, Minister of National Defense, Division General Jon C. Marinescu, Minister of Justice.”
Lemkin, Raphael: “Axis Rule in Occupied Europe: Laws of Occupation, Analysis of Government, Proposals for Redress.” pp. 563-564; ADD RESEARCHER AND DATE