Feb. 6, 1943

Order issued by member of Nazi SS, Dieter Wisliceny [Greece]: “Salonika, February 12, 1943. Security Police and Security Service (S.D.) Branch in Salonika. To: The Jewish Community in Salonika. Attn: The Chief Rabbi, Dr. Koretz. Re: Implementation order of the military commander of Salonika-Aegean, February 6, 1943. On the basis of the order given on February 6, 1943, MV 1237 Dr. Me., the Jewish community of Salonika is informed hereby that it is to comply with the following instructions: 1. The Jewish identifying mark consists of a six-point star, ten centimeters in diameter, made of yellow cloth. The sign shall be worn on the left-hand side of the chest, next to the heart, on the upper lapel. The sign shall be visible at all times. The sign shall be worn by every Jew aged five years and over. Along with the sign, each individual shall be given a personal document. The documents shall be numbered consecutively. Upon handing over the sign, the document number shall be clearly printed on the star. A list with consecutive numbers, names, and dates of birth shall be prepared. 2. The following persons shall be considered Jews for the requirements of the aforementioned order of the military commander of Salonika-Aegean: a. Offspring of at least three grandparents of the Jewish race; b. Offspring of mixed marriages, offspring of two grandparents of the Jewish race who belonged to the Mosaic faith on April 1, 1941, or offspring born after that time, out of wedlock, to a Jew. c. Having left the Jewish faith, irrespective of when this occurred, does not exempt one from wearing the sign. d. In cases of miscegenation, the Jewish spouse must wear the sign. Requests for exemption from the sign shall not be heeded. Signed: [Dieter]Wisleceny Hauptsturmfuehrer-SS.”
“Jewish Community of Salonika Instructed On Wearing the Yellow Star.” No Author, Accessed online excerpt at jewishvirtuallibrary.org 11/26/2012