Apr. 28, 1944

“Ghetto Decree” 1.610/Regulation No. “Certain regulatory issues related to housing and residence of Jews appointment” Issued by Hungarian government [Hungary]: “…Appointment of residence of the Jews…For § 8 (1) of ten thousand less populous municipalities, the first officer of the municipality rendelkezhetik as meaning that the Jews are obliged under its designated area of noise limit for other village or town to relocate. (2) pursuant to paragraph (1) placement of Jews bound relocate their place of residence to the new chief constable or the mayor arrange. Subject to (3) of Subsection (1) does not settle in the Jewish settlements. (4) The provisions of this § does not affect the Jew in his home village, where the defense is based on work or other official service provision. …(2) In the case referred to in paragraph ( 1 ) of dwellings needed to accommodate the Jews in the villages of the chief constable , the city mayor arrange. …Among § 10 to § 9 of the application in relation to town first officer of the municipality defined the Jews (streets, houses) placement may also provide that no Jewish person designated for the Jewish town or village parts ( street , house ) move out. However, this is not the only Jewish person will be obliged to elsewhere if the living conditions and constant application of appropriate housing is available. … Entry into force § 16 This Regulation shall enter into force on the date of publication (April 28, 1944..) …” [Editor’s note: Original webpage is in Hungarian, Google translation was used on 5/20/2014 to change text to English. Split-screen version created.]
Courtesy: Parliamentary Library – Public Services Department, Budapest. Received 4/17/2014