ca. 1944

Decree for deportation issued by authorities [Slovakia] [Unconfirmed]

Commentary from other sources:
1) “In the spring of 1944, as the Red Army drew closer to Slovakia’s eastern border, partisan operations increased. Succumbing to pressure from high-ranking officers in the Wehrmacht, the authorities in Bratislava ordered the Jews in eastern Slovakia to evacuate and to move toward the western part of the country by May 15. The decree, for a limited period of time, did not apply to, on the one hand, physicians and pharmacists – because of the shortage of these service-deliverers – and, on the other, mixed marriages. Even among the Jews who were ordered to evacuate, there were those who decided not to obey the evacuation order, because they realized that the further they would be from eastern Slovakia, the further they would be from the much-longed-for day of liberation. They utilized their good relations with their gentile neighbors to hide in their neighbors’ homes or in nearby forests. Their assumption was proven correct: Eastern Slovakia was liberated a few months earlier than western Slovakia.”
Fatran, Gila: “Slovakia’s Righteous among the Nations.”