ca. 1956

[Possible/Probable] “Sequestration Orders” issued under the Military Proclamation No. 4 [Egypt]
Commentary from other sources:
1) “Between November 1-20 1956, official records reveal that by a series of sequestration orders issued under Military Proclamation No. 4, the property of many hundreds of Jews in Egypt was taken from their owners and turned over to Egyptian administrators. Proclamation No. 4 was carried into effect almost exclusively against Jews; and though a number of Copts and Moslems were also interned, their assets were never sequestered.”

Confidential Memorandum provided to the UNHCR (2/26/1960)
2) “In addition to the vast sequestration of property and other discriminatory treatment, Directive No. 189 issued under the authority of Military Proclamation No. 4, authorized the Director General of the Sequestering Agency to deduct from the assets belonging to interned persons, 10% of the value of the sequestered property, presumably to cover the costs of administration. Hence, without regard to the question of whether a property is legally sequestered, the Jews of Egypt were being taxed to pay for the machinery or improper sequestration and withholding.”
Auguste Lindt: Confidential Memorandum provided to the High Commissioner (2/21/1957)