ca. 1962

[Possible/Probable] “Royal Decree, Amendment to Article No. 10” issued by the Council of Ministers [Libya]
Commentary from other sources:
1) “[…] anyone who had had ‘relations with Zionism at any time’* or ‘at any time worked on behalf of either the moral or material strengthening of Israel’ was liable to have his Libyan citizenship revoked.” [This included Jew who had visited Israel after the declaration of Libyan independence.]

Israel’s Rights as a Nation-State in International Diplomacy, edited by Alan Baker
2) “[…] a Libyan national forfeits his nationality if he has had any contact with Zionism.” [This enabled authorities to deprive Jews of Libyan nationality at will.]
De Felice, Renzo: Jews in an Arab Land: Libya 1835-1970. (Austin; 1985)