Feb. 14, 1968

Law No. 10 of 1968 issued by the Government of Iraq [Iraq]: “Article I – 1. […] Land Registration Departments, Waqf authorities and Notaries Public shall abstain from carrying out any transaction of sale of immovable properties belonging to the Jew, and abstain from carrying out on such properties any transactions which involves the transfer, donation, mortgage, liquidation, of joint ownership, selling by execution, making a lien as a security against a debt, bequest, rental for more than one year […] Article II – (a) If the Minister of the Interior issues the necessary permit […] he may decide that the amounts due to the Jew be deposited in one of the banks. Each time, these amounts shall not be disbursed without the approval of the Minister […] (b) The provisions of paragraph (a) above shall apply to all other transactions and dispositions which would result in sums being payable to a Jew as a consideration, excluding salaries and wages which do not exceed 100 Iraqi dinars per month. The official and semi-official departments, companies and establishments should not pay the amounts due to any Jew in respect of such transactions or dispositions, but inform the Minister of the Interior thereof.”
“Antisemitism: An Assault on Human Rights.” No author, Accessed online article 4/22/2016, Researched by Franziska Wagener ADD PAGE #