Note: Translation quality can materially change or alter the meaning of words, ideas or concepts. We hope to add certified or other high quality translations of the Official Acts from original documents in the future.
    1. Official Acts include laws, proclamations, church canons, and final court decisions.


    1. All Official Acts and references to them must refer to a specific act and year (or date and year).


    1. Commentary from other sources to each Official Act are limited to three.


    1. This work does not include Bible references because they have no historically verifiable author, nor can their dates be verified.


    1. This work does not include anti-Semitic accusations, rumors, unsettled laws and litigation, or bigoted or hateful statements or speech, because such are often hearsay, difficult if not impossible to verify, or far too numerous to compile.


    1. The page numbers noted on various quotes for books and other published works may vary by publisher and edition.


    1. When we reference quotes from blogs, websites, and other non-published communications as Sources, we try to add a link to a PDF of the information referenced.


  1. We use the following terms interchangeably:
    • Official Anti-Semitic Acts
    • Official Acts