May 30, 429

“Transfer of the Crown Tax Previously Paid to the Jewish Patriarch to the Imperial Treasury” Issued by Theodosius II and Valentinian III [Holy Roman Empire; Present-day Italy]: “The leaders of the Jews, who are nominated in the assemblies of either part of Palestine or spend their time in other provinces, must pay up whatever funds they have collected under the pretense of pension money after the dissolution of the patriarchate. In the future, under threat of punishment, their ordinary tribute from all their synagogues, which the patriarchs at one time demanded under the name of the aurum coronarium, is to be collected by our Palatini. Whatever sum this amounts to you are to confiscate after a diligent investigation; and those moneys which used to be given regularly to the patriarchs from the western provinces are to be confiscated to our charity fund.” [Editor’s note: Author’s footnote dates this law in 429 as Theodosian Code 16.8.29]
“The Persecution of the Jews in the Roman Empire (300-428).” James Everett Seaver. 1952, Page 72; Accessed online 8/2/2011