Sept. 11, 506

Canon 34 & 40 issued by the Synod of Agde [France]: “Canon 34…If Jews, who in their perfidy frequently return to their vomit, should want to join the Catholic law, they shall enter the church up to the threshold among the catechumens for eight months, and if they should be recognized to be joining out of pure faith, only then shall they deserve the grace of baptism. But if they should incur an accidental health risk during the prescribed period and should be in a desperate condition, they shall be baptized…Canon 40…All clergy and lay people must avoid eating with Jews, nor should any-one entertain them to a meal. For they do not consume is allowed by the Apostle, they consider impure, and thus Catholics would be unworthy when we consume what they serve, while they despise what we offer.”
“Establishing Boundaries: Christian-Jewish relations in early council texts and the writings of Church Fathers.” F.J.E. Boddens Hosang. 2010, Page 151-152. Online book, Accessed 10/14/2011 ADD RESEARCHER/DATE