Sept. 21, 506

Decree from the Roman Law of the Visigoths issued by Alaric II [Present-day France]: “[Section 3:1:5 decreed] On no account should a Jew buy a Christian slave, neither should he contaminate him with Jewish sacraments and convert him from Christian to Jew. If it should be revealed in a public investigation that this was done, the slaves must be taken away, and such owners suffer a punishment commensurate and appropriate to the crime. Furthermore, if slaves who are still Christian or Christian slaves who have become Jews should be discovered in the possession of Jews, they shall be redeemed from a shameful slavery through payment by Christians of the right price. Received on the tenth day before the calends of October at regium…”
Linder, Amnon: “The Jews in the Legal Sources of the Early Middle Ages.” Page 221