May 7, 538 C.E.

Canon 13, 28, 30 issued by the Third Synod of Orleans [France]: “13. If Christians are slaves to Jews, and shall do anything contrary to the Christian religion, or if their masters venture to attempt to strike them on account of any act allowed by the Church, and they flee repeatedly to the church, the bishop is not to give them up unless the value of the slave in question is paid down (as a pledge that no harm shall be done him). Christians must not marry with Jews, nor even eat with them…28. It is a Jewish superstition that it is unlawful to ride or drive on Sunday, or do anything for the decoration of house or person. But field labours are forbidden, so that people may be able to come to church and worship. If anyone acts otherwise, he is to be punished, not by the laity, but by the bishop…30. From Maundy Thursday for four days onwards, Jews must not appear among Christians.” [Editor’s note: Author dates this law May 7, 538.]
“A History of the councils of the church, from the original documents. By the Right Rev. Charles Joseph Hefele.” Karl Joseph von Hefele. 1895, Page 207-209; Online book, Accessed 10/8/2011