ca. 541

[Possible/Probable] Canon 30 & 31 issued by the Fourth Synod of Orleans [France] [Provisional]: “…30. If a Christian, who is the slave of a Jew, flees to a church or to any Christian requesting to be bought from the Jew, this shall be done, and the loss to the Jew made good according to just valuation. 31. If a Jew makes a proselyte called Advena to be a Jew, or perverts one who has been converted to Christianity to the Jewish superstition, or associates with his female Christian slave (for carnal connection), or perverts to Judaism one born of Christian parents, under the promise of freedom, he is to be punished with the loss of (all) his slaves. If one born of Christian parents has apostatised to Judaism, and has obtained his freedom on condition of remaining a Jew, this shall not be valid, for he ought not to remain free, who, being born of Christian parents, wishes to adhere to Jewish usages.”
“A History of the councils of the church, from the original documents. By the Right Rev. Charles Joseph Hefele.” Karl Joseph von Hefele. 1895, Page 213-214. Online book, Accessed 10/8/2011