May 4, 589

Canon 14 & 24 issued by the Third Council of Toledo [Spain]:  “The Third Council of Toledo Canon 14: ‘In conformity with the opinion of the Council, our glorious king has ordered to be inserted among the canons, that Jews shall not be permitted to have Christian wives or concubines. All children born from such union are to be brought to baptism; nor shall they be permitted to purchase Christian slaves to serve them. If Christian slaves are circumcised, they shall be liberated without ransom, and they shall revert to the Christian religion. Nor shall they hold any public office whereby they can inflict and punishment on Christians.’ Canon 24: ‘It is decreed, that Jews, in carrying their dead, shall not be permitted to sing Psalms; but they are to observe their ancient customs of bearing and interring their dead. The penalty for transgressing this decree is six ounces of gold to be paid to the count of the city.’”
 “True Barbarians? : The Role of Visigothic Iberia in Medieval Persecutory Discourse.” Justin T. Dellinger. May 2010, Page 110. Online paper, Accessed online 8/30/2011