Dec. 5, 633

Canons 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65 & 66 by the Fourth Council of Toledo [Spain]: “The Fourth Council of Toledo Canon 57: ‘In respect to Jews, this holy synod has resolved that in future no one shall be compelled to receive our faith; …’ Canon 59: ‘Many who have formerly been elevated to the Christian faith, are now known, in contempt of Christ, not only to practice Jewish ceremonies, but have even dared to practice the abomination of circumcision. …Should such persons as they may have circumcised, be children of the above, they shall be taken from the society of their parents; and if slaves, they shall be liberated in compensation for the injury.’ Canon 60: ‘We decree, that the sons and daughters of Jews are to be separated from their parents, lest they be involved in their errors. They are to be placed in monasteries, or with Christian men and women who fear God, …’ Canon 61: ‘If Jews that have been baptized, afterwards renounce Christianity, and thus become liable to any penalty, their believing children shall not be excluded inheriting their property; …Canon 62: ‘…there is to be no communion between Jews that have been converted to the Christian faith, and those who adhere to their ancient rites, …and the former be publicly scourged.’ Canon 63: ‘Jew who have Christian wives are to be advised by the bishop of their diocese, that if they wish to live with them they must become Christians; …’ Canon 64: ‘…Therefore Jews who were formerly Christians, but now deny the faith in Christ, are not to be admitted as witnesses, although they declare themselves to be Christians. … Canon 65: ‘B…that Jews and their descendants are not to hold public employments, … Canon 66: ‘…that no Jew shall have Christian servants, nor purchase Christian slaves, nor retain such by gift of any person. …”
“True Barbarians? : The Role of Visigothic Iberia in Medieval Persecutory Discourse.” Justin T. Dellinger. May 2010, Page 110-114. Online paper, Accessed 8/30/2011 ADD RESEARCHER/DATE