ca. 937 C.E.

Order issued by Pope Leo VII [Present-day Italy] [Provisional]: “As to the Jews, concerning whom, dear brother, you have requested our instructions, whether it is preferable to subjugate them to the holy religion or to expel them from your towns, we send you our order, that you do not desist from preaching to them wisely, with the prudent counsel of God and the revereance in faith in the Holy Trinity and the incarnation of the Lord. And if they are willing wholeheartedly to believe and be baptized, we thank the omnipotent Lord with immense praises. If, however, they refuse to believe, expel them from your towns with our authority. Since we must not live in society with God’s enemies…Yet do not baptize them by force, or without their consent and wish, since it is written: Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast your pearls before swine.”
“The Apostolic See and the Jews: History, Volume 7; Volume 109.” Shlomo Simonsohn. 1991, Page 11. Online book, Accessed on 11/10/2011