ca. 1144 C.E.

[Possible/Probable] Edict of Louis VII, King of France [Present-day France] [Provisional]: “It has come to our attention that certain Jews, having converted to the Christian faith, deny it, instigated by the Devil, and have returned to Judaism; recognizing that this is a disgrace to the name of Christ and vehemently contemptuous of the Christian religion, such presumption being hurtful to the realm, we issue a decree to prohibit it. Therefore we decree and we sanction by the authority of the king, that whosoever among the Jews, successively having been reborn in Christ through the grace of baptism, should presume to return to his ancient error, may not dare remain anywhere in our kingdom, and should they be captured, either be condemned to death, or be punished by dismemberment.”
Tardif, Jules, and Archives Nationales (France). Monuments Historiques (Cartons Des Rois, 528-1789) (Historical Monuments (Royal Cartons, 528-1789)). Paris: J. Cayce, 1866. Page 256, Item 470. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 8/29/2019