ca. 1144

[Possible/Probable] Blood libel [England]

Commentary from other sources:
1) “Life was incredibly hard for England’s Jews at the time. The first instance of a blood libel – where Jews were accused of killing a Christian child in order to use his blood in Jewish rituals – occurred in 1144 in the English town of Norwich. A second blood libel took place in 1255 – during Licoricia’s lifetime – when the body of a young child was found in a well in the town of Lincoln. The boy’s friends accused local Jews of kidnapping, torturing and murdering the child. Lincoln’s sheriff arrested over 90 Jews; 18 were executed. Both of the children at the centers of these blood libels were made into saints (St. William of Norwich and St. Hugh of Lincoln), stoking Christian hatred of local Jews still further.”
Dr. Yvette Alt Miller, “The Most Famous Jewish Woman in Medieval England,”