Oct. 13, 1257

Papal Bull, issued by Pope Alexander IV to the King of Navarre, Count Palatine of Champagne and Brie [Present-day France]: “From your parts reaches us credible knowledge that in spite of your prohibition thereof, the Jews among your subjects continue to practice usury, a crime condemned by the pages of both Testaments. You will instruct your judiciary to apprehend those Jews and seize their usurious gains, and restore to various persons what has been extorted in that way, and if those persons cannot be found, put that property to pious uses.”
Grayzel, Solomon. The Church and the Jews in the XIIIth Century, Volume II (1254-1315). The Jewish Theological Seminary of America: New York, 1989. Page 58. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 9/15/2019