Aug. 23, 1268

Jew-Ordinance, issued by Ottokar II, King of Bohemia, for the City of Brünn [Present-day Czech Republic]: “33. No Jew, while in Brünn, shall take any collateral after sunset, neither from persons known to him, nor from unknown individuals; at any time, including during the day, no Jew shall conduct any business involving horses, oxen, cows, or any other items that are suspected to be stolen, except when witnessed by two sworn city officials. 34. For the repairs of the city walls and moats, the Jews shall contribute one quarter [of the total expenditure].”
Aronius, J. Regesten zur Geschichte der Juden im Fränkischen und Deutschen Reiche bis zum Jahre 1273 [Regests of the History of the Jews in the Frankish and German Empires until the Year 1273]. Simion: Berlin, 1902. Page 308. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 1/22/2020.