Jun. 20, 1279

“Edict” issued by King Rudolph I [Present-day Germany, Switzerland]: “King Rudolph (Rudolf) I of Habsburg demands […] 84 Marks Sterling – which he owes Bertgram and Gottschalk of Ahaus (‘Berthrammi et Gotschalci de Ahusen’) – to be paid by the entire community of the Jews of Dortmund, his chamber-servants (‘universi judei Tremonienses camdere sue servitores’) […] and to surrender the amount as a tax payment to the Mayor Dietrich (‘Ditricus scultetus Tremoniensis’) […]. In return, the Jews are to be free of this tax starting the following Saint Martin’s Day until the following Easter festival and from then on for another year. […]”
Dortmund, StadtA, Urkunde Nr. 45, Orig. (Kriegsverlust), lat., Perg. (“Dortmund, City Archive, Certificate/Official Document, No. 45, Orig[inal], Latin, [on] Parchment Paper”); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 7/9/2017