May 29, 1280

“Esslinger City Law” issued by the City of Esslingen [Swabian Imperial Cities of Esslingen; Present-day Germany]: “[…] Jews may only accept pledges during the day but never at night (‘nimmer by der nacht’) […] Jews are prohibited to accept broken chalices and bloody garments […] When a stolen item is seized outside of the Jew’s home, the rightful owner may take and keep it and the Jew loses the item and any claim on the [potential] damage.] […] When a Christian citizen sues a Jew and an oath is required of him (Jew), the Jew has six weeks to take the oath. If a guest/outside/foreigner (‘gast’) sues a Jew, the Jew must take the oath immediately. […] The meat of animals, which have been slaughtered by Jews, must hang in front of the huts (‘sol vor den huten hangen’) so-long the mayor/city lord (‘Stadtherr’) and the citizens permit this. […] Excluded is the sale of meat that has been tainted with the eggs of tapeworms and the meat of nanny and billy goats. […]”
Stuttgart, HStA, A 4, Bü 41, Abschr. (1535), dt., Perg. (“Main State Archiv of Stuttgart, A 4, Bü 41, Copy (1535), German, [on] parchment paper”); Researched and Translated by Ziba Shadjaani 3/3/2018