Oct. 21, 1281

Papal bull from Martin IV to the archbishops and bishops of France [Present-day France]: “From our beloved sons, the Inquisitors of the depraved heretics, it has been brought to our attention that some of these depraved heretics – guilty, suspected, or accused – had converted from Judaism to the Catholic faith, later apostatized, and sought refuge in churches, not to find salvation, but to escape the hands of the Inquisitors, and to avoid punishment for their crime; above which they implored the Apostolic See for protection. We therefore, to extirpate these enemies of the orthodox faith – these weeds so noxious and so pestiferous that they must be plucked out by the root from the garden of the Lord – give these Inquisitors our written mandate, that they execute their duties freely against such converted Jews, who later became apostates from the faith, whether they seek refuge in churches, or in lesser places. I command your brotherhood that you shall not impede the Inquisitors, but give them every possible aid, as the opportunity arises.”
Grayzel, Solomon. The Church and the Jews in the XIIIth Century, Volume II (1254-1315). The Jewish Theological Seminary of America: New York, 1989. Page 151. Researched by Dominik Jacobs 10/24/2019